Pure Energy

The Alea Sessions

28 September 2021

A day of panels and talks for business leaders and family offices who have the power and enthusiasm to take their work and impact to the next level. Pure energy (REGen) Ltd attended The Alea Sessions in London, a global conference organised by The Alea Global Group.

Electric Vehicles – We should all share in the benefits of green travel

12 August 2021

The future of the auto industry is electric. Most observers of the car industry will tell you that. Maybe, but here’s something they won’t tell you: going all-in on EVs has the potential to trade one type of inequity for another. Vehicle ownership isn’t cheap; Insurance, maintenance and fuel costs in general make up a…

Renewable Energy in the World of Excellence

25 October 2020

In this Excellence Talks edition, Dr. Christian Forstner and Murat Aydin welcomed Alan MacLeod, the founder of Pure energy, a successful entrepreneur with proven leadership experience in design and project execution of major upstream facilities worldwide. Alan founded Pure energy 2.5 years ago as a start-up, on the basis of leadership and project execution experience…

EV Charging Hubs – The antithesis of moving the Electric Vehicle Agenda forward

9 September 2020

Convenient and affordable charging infrastructure is crucial in our desired switch to electric vehicles usage. Both national and local government have an important role to play in facilitating access across the nation. The UK Government’s ambition is to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Based on this ambition, current forecasts confirm…

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