Built Environment

Built Environment

The quality of the built environment around us has significant impact on our lives; transforming our quality of life, the environment and local economies. Low carbon energy solutions play a vital role in creating better places and enriching our communities.

Key Features

Ground Source Heating

Ground source heat pumps are excellent low carbon heating systems, increasingly popular due to high efficiency rates and low running costs.

Heat pumps play an important role in reducing the UK’s overall carbon emissions.

Air Source Heating

Air source heat pumps are efficient in both winter and summer, thanks to an outstanding SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance). This means that the heat pump is 320% efficient: for each kWh of electricity used by system fans and compressor.

Heat Batteries

Heat Battery technology is designed to store heat energy safely and efficiently, ready to deliver the heat building water needs instantly.

Heat batteries work with almost any renewable energy source, including combined heat and power, air or ground source heat pumps, solar PV and even wind turbines, ideally running on off-peak electricity.

Solar Thermal PV

A Solar Hot Water system (i.e., Solar Thermal) harnesses heat from sunlight by capturing energy within solar panels or collectors.

Heat energy is then transferred directly to a hot water cylinder, lowering energy bills and therefore overall system carbon footprint.

Technical Assessments

Engaging a Company with resources and experience of Low Carbon Technology Solutions when required to deliver an individual Building or larger Housing Development adds value to your project.

We design our Technical Solutions to meet Client demands without compromising energy and carbon budgets required.

BREEAM Surveys

The UK built environment rating scheme provides focus on sustainability in building design, construction and use. BREEAM Surveys help investors, developers, design and construction teams use natural resources more efficiently.

Evidence also indicates that sustainable developments delivered via BREEAM, offers increasing stakeholder value.

Proven Building Survey Assessments

We use proven survey assessments together with software solutions, created to reduce overall on-site energy consumption, provide increased security of supply and reduced carbon footprint.

On-site “Net Zero” Assessments


  • Site assessment and financing options
  • Comparison of mature renewable technologies
  • Calculate residual energy demand, comparing supplier pricing options
  • Energy saving costs and carbon savings data
  • Optimise on-site generation to maximise ROI
  • Confirm alternative funding option availability

Benefits of on-site renewable energy generation

Following our “Net Zero” Assessment, we provide integrated clean energy infrastructure solutions to meet your energy needs.

Benefits include;

  1. Financial
    Diversity of energy supply promotes sustainable energy costs, creates hedge against energy market volatility.
  2. Sustainability
    Carbon emissions reduced
  3. Transparency
    Demonstrated environmental impact reduction of commercial activities
  4. Enhanced Brand Reputation
    Demonstrated environment leadership credentials
  5. Market Visibility
    Stakeholder expectations around sustainability strategies delivered

Transform your building and reduce carbon emissions.

Ready for green energy?

Find out how sustainable development reduces running costs and increases stakeholder value.

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