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Straightforward electric vehicle charging and renewable energy solutions for your business or home. Make underused assets work for you and your business


Low Cost Sustainable Solutions

Convenient best value green energy to support your business needs, that’s what we’re about.

At Pure energy we scour the globe searching for technology solutions in order to provide our customers with the best deals.

In this rapidly evolving market, we are experts and we take the time to understand the options in order to clarify solutions for your business. It is a time-consuming effort and we save you the hassle of this, so that you can get on with your work.

Most of all we believe that together we can just do things better, by creating opportunities to show how renewable energy can make a positive contribution to businesses and our society.

Change is here.



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Your Path to a Sustainable Future

1. The Challenge

As businesses, we know that electricity costs are increasing year on year. The bad news is this trend will continue, and while customers become more aware of the effects of all businesses on Climate Change, this could directly affect our sales.

Doing nothing is not an option.
What’s the alternative to high energy costs?
Where can I find out more?

2. The Task At Hand

To combat the effects of climate change in our communities, businesses across all sectors are looking to renewable technology to reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

What are the options? How do we make the move to renewables when we don’t have the people or time to manage this transition?
You need an experienced Team that supports you from start to finish…and beyond.

3. The Options

Renewable energy technologies create significant savings. We’ll work with you to analyse energy usage and produce a sustainable solution, providing your business with predictable low-cost energy and reduced carbon emissions, ensuring your business stays competitive and in control of your costs.

We also supply the latest smart Electric Vehicle charging technology to benefit your employees and customers.

Together we will help you position your business for the 21st Century.

4. The Delivery

We are experts at forming partnerships with like-minded companies who are passionate about the environment and want to maximise the many benefits renewable energy infrastructure provides business and society. 

We take care of the design, technology selection and installation to suit your business needs, and also look after your installation once installed.

We make sure you have the best team for your renewable energy project.

5. The Impact

There are many reasons for adopting clean energy today, from reducing greenhouse gases, battling air pollution, improving energy security, creating high-tech jobs and fostering innovation.

Pure energy exists to connect businesses to a low-cost renewable future, creating value from on-site assets.

Your journey to a secure low-cost, efficient renewable energy supply is now underway with your business in full control!

Pure energy adds value to your organisation

Learn more about our vision and our purpose.

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Accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources is a key part of the UK’s climate emissions reduction objective. To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, the global transition to clean power needs to be four to six times faster than at present, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and IRENA. In the UK we have set ever more ambitious targets to achieve our Net Zero goal. Pure energy (REGen) Ltd is active in the core segments of the energy sector and as a Company we are motivated to ensure we have the capability to develop the energy transition technologies needed to achieve our Net Zero ambition.


As the origins of Pure energy are international in scope, with a wealth of experience in Technical and Project Management opportunities gained over a period of 25 years, Pure energy (REGen) Ltd offers in-depth knowledge and capability to manage global energy infrastructure project delivery during the current energy transition phases, from Waste to Energy, Renewable Energy to Agritech sectors. This has helped us secure innovative sustainability focused infrastructure projects, as well as Technology Leadership collaboration roles in the Arabian Gulf, working on behalf of Investment Firms and Government Institutions within the Region.


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