Microgrid Developments


From car parks to building rooftops, transform your business assets into energy generators to help meet your low cost energy needs.

Key Features

Battery Storage

Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), enables energy from renewable energy, typically via solar and wind, to be stored then released when customers need power most.

Battery storage technologies are essential to speeding up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy.

Solar PV

By investing in solar energy and based on available area, you can dramatically reduce your electric costs in an environmentally friendly way.

Incentives to install solar PV includes mitigation against rising grid network energy costs, reduced CO² Emissions, High Reliability and Low Maintenance costs.

Solar Canopy

Our solar canopy solution incorporates a wooden tower, recycled metal screws foundation, waterproof system, bifacial panels, and an eye-catching design with the production of solar power to power a home or charge e-Vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Social responsibility is a key message for business today, enabling greener transport options is core to this. EV charging confirms what your business or organisation means with respect to reducing the environmental impact of its activities.

Both Community and Workplace EV charging facilities effectively demonstrates both user convenience and environmental commitment.

We provide Fast and Ultra-Fast Smart EV Charging facilities where you need it, when you need it, together with operations support to maximise availability and revenue opportunities available on-site.

Data Analytics

If reducing energy costs is important for your business, then you need energy generated data analytics.

Many businesses are spending even more on energy and lack the current tools to understand how they could improve on-site efficiency. It doesn’t make sense.

We offer effective tailored solutions via our Technology Partner Network to customers including renewable energy developers, independent power producers (IPPs) and renewable energy equipment suppliers.

Waste to Energy

Energy-from-Waste (EfW) is widely recognised as a technology that helps mitigate climate change. Converting waste to energy substantially reduces the amount of waste entering landfills, curbing on-site greenhouse gases emissions.

“WASTX” Plastic technology solutions transform plastic waste into recycled oil – with the recovered product then re-introduced back into the raw material cycle as a basis for recycled plastics. Our EfW technology turns problematic waste into a valuable raw material.

A problematic waste material now becomes a valuable product for your business.

We like intelligent energy use

Based on your business size and generating potential, we can provide both technology infrastructure as well as data analytics and trading capability services to maximise revenue potential, converting a commodity into a value-based asset.

By integrating on-site residual energy generated onto the grid network enables;

  • The ability to supply electricity directly onto the grid network, in the event demand exceeds available supply
  • Demand Side Response (DSR) Services facilitates energy demand management in real time
  • DSR is a smart means to reduce total energy costs as well as your on-site carbon footprint
  • An added value revenue source via Power Purchase Agreements with market off-takers

Transforming underutilised assets into “energy hubs” – An integrated energy installation supporting total Business needs.

Following on-site assessment, we provide renewable energy installation options; e.g. solar carports, wind micro-turbines and battery storage installations to increase energy generation flexibility to meet on-site business needs.

Benefits of on-site renewable energy generation

  1. Financial
    Predictable costs and diversified energy supply, creates a hedge against energy market volatility.
  2. Sustainability
    Carbon emissions reduced
  3. Transparency
    Investors and customers focusing on environmental impact of commercial operations. Effective risk-management key.
  4. Brand Reputation
    Company’s reputation as an environmental leader created/enhanced.
  5. Market Visibility
    Improves marketing and brand reinforcement. Addresses stakeholder demands around sustainability targets.

Transforming underutilised assets into “energy hubs”.

Best value renewable energy

We scour the globe for the best and most affordable green technology solutions.

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