Joanne McFadden

Low Carbon Heat Network Energy Survey

17 August 2022

In order to effectively meet the UK’s net zero challenge, communities, councils, and local partners need to collaborate to find localised, on-site solutions that meet their communities’ energy needs. The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) is designed to allow communities to take their solutions forward. Using consultancy for feasibility work and technical support, the aim…

Energy Efficiency

9 August 2022

With Companies across a variety of sectors struggling to control their ever increasing energy costs, it’s easy to see carbon reduction initiatives as a ‘nice to have’, rather than something crucial in tackling our current climate crisis. It’s clear that the impetus is on companies to take action now! The built environment accounts for a…

OAK Network Joint Venture

12 July 2022

It’s the perfect partnership:  As Alan MacLeod, Founder and CEO, Pure energy says, “The energy sector faces prolonged and significant pressures, not least in “higher for longer” fossil fuel prices, combined with the continuous drive for decarbonisation and investment in renewable energy sources. Collaboration between Pure energy and The OAK Network helps businesses address some…

The Future of Mobility

30 June 2022

Sustainability and the Future of Mobility – A View from the UK – Junkies Magazine, Australia Alan K MacLeod, Founder & CEO, Pure energy (REGen) Ltd Alan MacLeod has held senior management roles in both asset management and project development for multinational energy organisations. During Alan’s 30-year career he has held a number of posts…

LGPS Climate Summit

7 June 2022

A Platform to Host the Key Discussions Shifting the Focus from Risk and Optionality to Imperative Opportunity: Our CEO, Alan MacLeod was invited to speak at the LGPS Climate Summit 2021 LGPS Climate Summit The essential event hosting and supporting the LGPS climate change agenda 15th November 2021 Hilton Hotel, Paddington London, United Kingdom The…

Current UK Energy Pricing and the Transition to Clean Energy

11 May 2022

Alan MacLeod FRSA MEI Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Pure energy (REGen) Limited Current UK Energy Pricing and the Transition to Clean Energy The Bank of England this week indicated the UK economy will move into recession during 2022 as wholesale energy prices edge inflation above 10 per cent. The Bank forecasts also predict…

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